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CAC’s Brandi Clark Named Human Resources Professional of the Year for 2014
Brandi Clark, Executive Director of Human Resources for Central Arizona College was recently named Human Resources Professional of the Year for 2014.Related Link >

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Heavy Equipment Operator Program Trains Students to Fill Need
Employers in the heavy equipment operating industry are in need of workers with the latest knowledge and skills for operating several types of construction equipment.Related Link >

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CAC Massage Therapy Student Offers Therapeutic Healing at Age 84
As she enters her tenth year of this work, Meyer just turned 84 and is still going strong!Related Link >

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Central Arizona College (CAC) 2012-2017 Strategic Goals & Measures Dashboard is now available for viewing.

The dashboard is a graphical interface that displays the current status of metrics and key performance indicators for CAC. The dashboard displays the 7 major goals and progress of 28 associated measures.

Please take a few minutes and see how CAC is moving towards our Strategic Goals by viewing our Strategic Goals and Measures Dashboard.